LED Desk Lamp

Sonnyee-lighting always get inspiration from our daily life. Today we are going to talk about table lamp.


Table lamp plays two different roles in our home, functional and decorative. Let’ s have a view on below product from Sonnyee, TB-01813 LED Desk Lamp.


When you just give a glance at it, you may concerned about that the arm of the fixture is too slim that it would be broken very easily. In fact, many our client have told us this problem, therefore, our engineer have redesigned its structure. Now, Sonnyee has the improved desk lamp. We added a steel weight base at the bottom to hold the arm, also use a special threaded tube that can make it not turn and not be destroyed easily. Sonnyee have test it many times, it is strong enough.


Light source – 6W LED 3000K, bright and energy saving. Sonnyee were considerate of heat dissipation, so there are 4 line of vents to release heat that the LED can serve longer.


Finish – Sonnyee recommend that brushed stainless steel or steel in brushed nickel. But another finish are also available, just refer to your chosen.


Outlet, USB port - Generally, we have add TR power outlet and USB port. It is convenient for your daily activities.


This LED desk lamp must be functional and decorative. 

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