Different kinds of aluminum profile,Custom your own lighting system

Sonnyee Lighting has introduced several kinds of different aluminum profile, which will enable architects, lighting designers and contractors to increase their creativity and flexibility in their designs while creating state of the art LED linear lighting installations.

The recessed aluminum profile offers a clear competitive advantage and they can be installed flushed on floors, walls, and wood under cabinets or any place where linear lighting is needed.

Another profile from Sonnyee is “Corner” profile, such as CC-16X16-L, and CC-3030L. They are basically a triangular aluminum profile, which is easily placed in any corner where wall and ceiling meet, creating a light output in a 45°angle. They are really suitable for companies that manufacture display casings, or jewelry or retail business.

The rest of the profiles from Sonnyee can be installed directly on facades, wall, buildings, restaurants, hotel etc. The idea from Sonnyee is simple. We hope to create a clean, bright and functional systems, which deliver light in a smooth and continuous way.

At the same time, Sonnyee offers a wide selection of LED strips, as well as many different colors and light temperatures, which enables customers to personalize their profile to their exact specifications.

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